Industries Served by Camcar Plastics

Camcar Plastics is a plastic parts manufacturer who works proficiently with a diverse customer base. We have a great deal of experience with hundreds of different material types, each one having its own composition and characteristics which allows for adaption to many different applications.

Our team consists of engineers, set up and process technicians, quality assurance staff, sort/assembly technicians and office staff . All in which enables us to effectively and efficiently produce injection molded plastic component parts for almost every industry and application.

» Military [Cage Code 54SZ0] – Providing parts for the military including explosive cartridges, secure packaging and others.
» Medical – Supplying non-clean room parts for different products including CT scan machines.
» Automotive – Producing tight tolerance parts for different applications.
» Electrical – Providing assembly parts for electrical enclosures.
» Packaging – High volume part producer for protective caps, spacers and fillers
» Consumer Goods – Offering a wide range of plastic parts for many different products.
» Office Furniture – Producing “in product” parts for cabinets.
» Industrial – Manufacturing components for tough applications such as conveyor components.
» Commercial – Manufacturing plastic components for lip balm and other products.
» Sporting – Supplying parts for golf, snow skiing and other recreational uses.
» Hunting – Producing bow sight components and arrow parts including vanes.
» Household – Supplying products for internet sales and big box store sales.
» Agricultural – Manufacturing plant trays for agricultural sectors.

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