Why choose Camcar Plastics Inc?

Camcar Plastics Inc is service oriented and we enjoy a “family” working atmosphere.  Camcar Plastics Inc originated in the year 2000 by Mr. Courtney Gust III and Teresa Gust, husband and wife, the current founders and owners.  Naming the business and machines came natural in a family environment. The company is named after their two sons Cameron (Cam)and Carter (car) Gust and the first machine was named after Brett Koch, oldest son.  The plastic injection molding machines are named (after relatives and pets) and not numbered.

Over the years Camcar Plastics Inc has grown from 1 machine to 17 plastic injection molding machines running 24 hours per day 5 to 7 days per week.  The founder and owner earned college degrees coupled with decades of experience learning from the ground floor up. Teaching and training are essential for growing a solid company and passing on that learned experience and logic to the team.  You will find the family atmosphere and diversity is welcoming at Camcar Plastics Inc.
“I started Camcar Plastics Inc, because I wanted to secure my families future by using my ideas, experience and education to build a generational company.  Building a company of competitive pricing, great quality, excellent service and a professional, dedicated team is what lead to success. It doesn’t happen overnight, it takes years to build foundation and roots with like-minded customers.”
Courtney Gust

What sets Camcar Plastics Inc apart from other plastic injection molders?

It’s the relationship.  Getting to know our team and how we work side by side with our customers builds confidence and lasting relationships.  Reaction time and quality important? Our team is dedicated to reacting in a quick, timely matter whether it is to a part change, a purchase order or an expedited part.  We will be there for you when you need us the most.


Keeping up with new machinery, new materials and innovative ways to pass the savings on to our customers is how we stay competitive.  Example; Replacing T-8 fluorescent lamps to LED bulbs can save thousands of dollars a year when the lights are on 24-5. Example 2: Updating machinery to become more efficient saves scrap and electricity usage.  Running lean? Camcar Plastics Inc excels at running lean. Low scrap rates, efficient staff, and machinery without the high overhead.

Is Quality important?

Quality is the most important aspect of a successful company and we achieve it by staying course.  Our quality system (ISO-9001-2015) with all the supporting documents coupled with checks and balances is our way of achieving A+ quality.

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