Why is it important to prototype your plastic part before a production tool is made?

Because 1 small mistake that you may not be visible could you cost you (or us) thousands of dollars! To help save you time and money we offer you the following services:

  • Rapid prototyping – A rapid prototype part is a process of using a 3D CAD Model of a part and replicating that model into a physical part.  There are a few different options when considering a rapid prototype. Some types will not hold up to testing and others will. The two most common in our industry are SLA and SAS.  SLA stands for stereolithography and SAS stand for laser sintering. An SLA rapid prototype part is known to be more dimensionally accurate and a SAS rapid prototype tends to be stronger.
  • Machining – A plastic part can be machined in a machine shop setting if desired.  For larger parts with less detail, machining a plastic part for prototype purposes is the way to go.
  • Injection Molding Prototype – Is recommended.  Making an inexpensive mold to get an actual plastic injection molded part is encouraged.  Small production orders can also be made while waiting for the actual multi-cavity production tool to be made. This process is preferred because it detects the actual end result of the plastic part.  The other two rapid prototype processes do not detect problems that can occur such as part warp, dimensional tolerance problems and mating part fits.  

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